Susan S. Westerlund, M.D.Amber Brown, APRN, FNP-CRichard E. Stephens, Jr., M.D.Gynecology, Women’s Health and Wellness

Our mission is to provide distinctive health care focused on women’s health and wellness. Out staff strives for each patient to experience excellent, personalized and compassionate care. As a result, you are empowered to achieve your best health possible so that you will feel better, and to achieve overall wellness.

Our patients are the most important element within our practice and we hope all patients have the best healthcare experience possible.

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Susan S. Westerlund, M.D.
Richard E. Stephens, Jr., M.D.
Gynecology, Women’s Health and Wellness

1000 Brookstone Centre Parkway,
Columbus, GA 31904
706-507-4243 706-507-4743
Hours of Operation 7am-5pm Monday through Thursday
7am-12pm on Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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